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Stream Lograge and Rails Logs to Google Cloud Stackdriver

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Part 1 about logging custom events with lograge

stackdriver gem contains the bundle of monitoring tools

  • google-cloud-debugger
  • google-cloud-error_reporting
  • google-cloud-logging
  • google-cloud-trace

If you don’t plan to use all of them, but only work with logging - install google-cloud-logging alone.

Before you begin - you need to navigate to the Google Cloud Console and create a IAM & admin -> Service Account with a Logging Admin rights. Then navigate to IAM & admin -> IAM and make sure the service account has a role Logging Admin, if not - click Add.

Systemd Example for a Simple Ruby Daemon Supervision

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Since the new ubuntu versions migrated from upstart to systemd in order to unify basic Linux service behaviors across all distributions we now have to deal with systemd as a default service manager/supervisor. In this article I will describe basics of how to write your first service on this platform.

Fail2ban in Action

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Just checked the journal of my server and discovered it’s under(luckily unsuccessful) attack for quite a period of time. Quick check through the journal has revealed numerous ssh login attempts: